Apple Cider Vinegar – Burns Skin

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(End of July 2012)

Our first attempt at getting rid of MC was apple cider vinegar.

It seemed like everywhere molluscum was on the internet, apple cider vinegar (ACV) was sure to mentioned as a solution. So naturally, I decided to try it!

I went to Walmart and bought a bottle for about $3 and returned home extremely optimistic.

That night, after Matthew’s bath I prepped my Molluscum battle station complete with Q-tips and the ACV and was ready to make it disappear for good!

The first 3-4 bumps I was able to apply the ACV on with little to no complaints from Matthew. The 5th bump and on was a living nightmare. The MC bumps were bothering him so during his sleep he would pick at them and apparently ended up popping a few of them… to include bump #5!

Well, I was not aware how much the ACV would sting but even though my kid has pretty good pain tolerance for his age in my opinion, he was screaming bloody murder when I dabbed the Q-tip on this one.

Bumps 6-20 something consisted of me chasing him throughout the house to apply it to every bump.

After about 4 days of doing this and my son complaining about how bad he smelled (I forgot to mention, it smells VERY strongly!) I decided to try my next option:

Tea tree Oil (Warning…also burns!)


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