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About a week after the dr. appointment, it was apparent that the molluscum was spreading and getting worse instead of getting better. At this point he had over 20 all over his body and since the start of school was around the corner I wanted to get rid of these bumps ASAP!

So I did what most people do now… after my kiddos went to bed I opened up my laptop and started researching on the internet. What I found definitely did not make me feel better at all! The first thing that caught my eye was that it can take up to TWO YEARS for the MC to go away!! No way I was waiting that long!!!

So I decided to search for treatment options. The prescription creams seemed painful, pricey, and full of chemicals so I started looking for at home remedies. I’m not a hippie or anything but I’d rather try natural remedies than drugs especially on my baby’s skin!

The list I compiled was pretty lengthy, but I will list it all here so that you can learn from MY mistakes instead of put your child through the misery mine did!

– Tea Tree Oil

– Apple Cider Vinegar

– Beetle Juice

– Zymaderm

– DermAllay


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