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After all  of my research I finally came across Dermallay which immediately caught my eye because they claim “No burning and No blistering” !! They had my attention that’s for sure, but with our extensive history of failed molluscum remedies I wasn’t going to blindly believe them! (Plus it was not the cheapest remedy either!)

I found a lot forums, blogs, reviews in which parents spoke of its success and raving about how it was pain free. What got me the most was that there were so many people who were in the exact situation as I was, tried it as a last resort and it actually worked!

I called the company because there wasn’t too much information on their page and they couldn’t have been more helpful and comforting! They confirmed and assured me that the Dermallay would not hurt and explained exactly how it was to be applied which seemed fairly simple to me!

They told me it takes total 4-6 weeks depending on how long the molluscum has been there for the dermallay to get rid of the bumps completely. They also explained to me the same things the dermatologist did as far as not being in standing water etc. ANNDDD they told the one thing I thought no one could offer… IT IS SAFE TO USE ON MY KID’S FACE!!!!

Oh, I forgot to add, they had a specific one for babies so that was definitely a plus!

The cost was about $26, they waived the $4-$5 shipping fee, and offered another $10 off mail in rebate if I sent in a testimonial whether it was positive or negative feedback! I went ahead and ordered only one bottle to try of the older kid formula for Matthew because I wasn’t 100% sold on it yet and the toddler formula is $20. (I know, I’m cheap!)

Anyways I got the bottle of Dermallay in the mail, only like 3 days later which was nice, and started that night.

After Matthew took his shower I put a drop directly onto one of the groups of bumps, gritted my teeth, waited for the screams and to my (pleasant) surprise… IT DID NOT STING!!!!! I think I was more relieved than Matthew!

Now fair warning, it’s a liquid so obviously very runny, and until you rub it in all the way it will stain whatever it touches! I had to find out the hard way 😦

So I rubbed the dermallay on all the bumps… and there were approx. 80 at this point

***(the way you know you’re doing it right is if when you rub it goes from dark cherry red to like a creamy white and then you keep rubbing and it starts turning brownish red and gets sticky and then like 2 secs later it dries and is almost skin color… I had to call to find out because the directions were a bit confusing)***

and I did this two times a day and I would say within 5-6 days the bumps were visibly shrinking!!

It wasn’t for another 2 weeks that the bumps started turning into scabs (which is around the time I went ahead and ordered some for Kate) but the point is they did, and in the end I think it took around 7 weeks total for ALL of them to be gone. Most were cleared up within 4 weeks but there about 10 of them that were very stubborn!

Kate’s experience with Dermallay:

So with Kate it was so much easier! I don’t know if it was because she used the toddler’s version of Dermallay, because she was younger and her skin responded better, or just luck but regardless the reason it worked quick! Under 4 weeks quick!

The dermallay made her skin a shade or two darker on the areas applied (it came off as soon as you wash the area!) which I think is because she has a very light skin complexion but that was the only “negative” thing that happened with her.

So finally about 14 months after our initial molluscum bump we found an answer and it was all gone!!!

Except apparently for me!!! After over a year of touching them and being exposed to the virus without ever contracting it I got it then!! I could only laugh because this is just my luck!!

There wasn’t enough left in Matthew’s bottle so I bought another one from the dermallay website. The one thing I noticed, although it did end up going away, is that took a bit longer to work on me considering I treated it within 5 days of the molluscum appearing. It took overall just under 8 weeks for mine to go away. I’ve read that it’s a lot harder to cure on adults than children due to the skin and there’s obviously some truth to that!

So I hope that this has helped with YOUR research! I’d love for others to share their experiences on here too, what worked for them, what didn’t, because I wish I would have found a blog like this when I was frantically trying to get rid of the molluscum in my house!!!

If you go on their website: www.mydermallay.com  and go to the “Healthcare Professionals” tab, there’s a link/pdf that says “Patient Coupon” and it offers free shipping! I figure every dollar helps and that’s $4 right there!! The coupon code is AADNEW but I would check to make sure it doesn’t change.

I will definitely post more information as I find it as far as molluscum cures go! Good luck everyone… Hopefully you don’t go through what we did 🙂