Zymaderm (Basically Tea Tree Oil in a Bottle)

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So after taking a break from being the worst mom of the year trying to rid my kids of molluscum, I started doing more research around summertime of the following year.

My kids’ molluscum bumps were still multiplying (although not as quickly as they had at first) and were not showing ANY signs of going away.

I checked into Zymaderm and this time, instead of just going off of what a few people said I really did some digging into the ingredients and their side effects. Well, I’m definitely happy that I did because their main ingredient seems to be tea tree oil… but for over $25. So that being the case I decided to not even try it with the experiences I’ve had with tea tree oil before.

I found a website which really explains the truth behind Zymaderm to a T, and the following is some content from it:

Their website claims that Zymaderm is FDA-approved. But a quick search of the FDA website for Zymaderm will turn up nothing. The truth is that Zymaderm is NOT APPROVED AS A CURE OR TREATMENT FOR MOLLUSCUM CONTAGIOSUM. All that there is to it is that the active ingredients that are found in Zymaderm have been approved separately by the FDA as homeopathic ingredients because they are not medicinal ingredients and are not known to cause harm. So Zymaderm is misleading you by claiming to be FDA-approved, because they make it sound like the cream itself has been approved as a treatment for molluscum, and this is definitely not the case.

The active ingredients of Zymaderm are iodine and tea tree oil. Both these ingredients have been suggested as possible treatments for molluscum, and you can buy them off the counter from your local drugstore. However, I have found that neither ingredient is very effective against molluscum.

They also say to allow 6 MONTHS for it to work… I don’t know if I’m willing to pay $25 to wait that long, burn my kid, and it possibly not working!

Anyhow I wanted to give this topic it’s own post even though I didn’t try it because I would hate for anyone to get fooled by it and tricked out of almost $30!


Tea Tree Oil – Also Burns! :(

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***This post will be very short and straight to the point!***

(Beginning of August)

I bought tea tree oil from the Vitamin Shoppe for about $10 because of the many positive reviews online and at the recommendation of the store associate.

Long story short –

I only tried it once… Matthew said it burned more than the ACV (not sure if he was exaggerating or not) and the following day the bump I had applied it to was super red and inflamed.

Back to the drawing board once again!

How it all began…

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My name is Stacey and for the last 16 months I’ve been fighting the uphill battle against molluscum spreading throughout my family. I am a single mother of 2 children, Kate (3) and Matthew (6) who both have contracted molluscum… This is the story (adventure really) of the long road we traveled before finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. And yes, there is a light!!!!

It all started when Matthew came home from summer camp one day complaining about his friends making fun of him because he had these bumps under his armpit while at the pool. I took a look and sure enough there were 3 bright red bumps that seemed to have come out of nowhere! I didn’t think anything of it and figured it was just a rash so I put some Benadryl on it and brushed it off as nothing. The following week I noticed more and more of these bumps showing up in random places like his belly, leg, and even one on his face so I decided to take an appointment with our pediatrician and google search like a crazy person until our appointment the following day. By the time we made it to the appointment I had narrowed it down to about 5 different possibilities… None of which were correct! 

The doctor told me it was Molluscum Contagiosum, comforted me (because I was visibly panicked after hearing such a foreign and horrible sounding name) and told me it was a very common viral skin disease and would go away on its own! I went home, $76 poorer but relieved that this was nothing scary and not for a second did I ever think it would turn into the nightmare it ended up being. 

This was the last month I went to bed without worry for over a year….